Article at a Glance:

  • OKUSLIDE® liners reduce tipping time, ensuring more time on the road for quicker deliveries.
  • Lower tipping angles minimise the risk of ‘roll while tipping incidents,’ prioritising safety during unloading.
  • These versatile liners prevent cross-contamination, offer superior abrasion resistance, and extend equipment lifespan, making them a smart, long-term investment.

When it comes to heavy-duty transportation and material handling, selecting the right liners for various applications, such as truck bodies, trailer floors, and tipper bodies, is crucial to ensure efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. OKUSLIDE® liners have emerged as an industry game-changer.

With over 45 years of expertise in producing top-notch polymers, OKULEN® has engineered a lining solution that is revolutionising the way we transport and handle materials. In this article, we will delve into the five key advantages of incorporating OKUSLIDE® liners into your operations.

Enhanced Efficiency

One of the major benefits of OKUSLIDE® liners is their remarkable ability to reduce the time required for tipping materials significantly. This reduction translates into more time spent on the road, enabling faster and more efficient deliveries.

Thanks to the low friction coefficient of OKUSLIDE® liners that have multiple applications like dump truck body liners, trailer floor liners, plastic truck bed liners and others, material flow is smooth, minimising any potential hang-ups and ensuring a swift and trouble-free unloading process. While looking for improved operational efficiency, OKUSLIDE® liners are an optimal choice.

Elevated Safety

Safety is as an absolute priority within the transportation industry, and OKUSLIDE® liners shine in this regard. By reducing the necessary tipping angle, these liners play a pivotal role in enhancing safety during unloading procedures. A lower tipping angle translates to a reduced risk of ‘roll while tipping incidents’.

For instance, in the context of heavy-duty trucks used for transporting materials, if the tipping angle is too high, it can become unstable, and there’s a risk that the vehicle might roll over or tip to the side during the unloading process. This is a dangerous situation, often referred to as a ‘roll while tipping incident’. So, using liners from OKUSLIDE® will ensure each operation is safer for truck operators and equipment in proximity. With OKUSLIDE® liners, safety is a guarantee.

Cross-Contamination Prevention

Cross-contamination of materials can pose a significant concern when transporting various cargo types. OKUSLIDE® liners are crafted from a low surface energy material that effectively prevents materials from adhering to the contact surface. This ensures that different materials can be transported without any unwanted residue or contamination. OKUSLIDE® liners safeguard product quality and integrity, providing peace of mind to businesses that handle diverse cargo.

Exceptional Durability

In heavy-duty transport, resilience is essential. When compared to materials like aluminium or steel, OKUSLIDE® liners exhibit superior abrasion resistance. Whether dealing with abrasive materials or hefty loads, these liners can withstand the harshest wear and tear, thereby extending the lifespan of your equipment and reducing maintenance costs. With OKUSLIDE® liners as your truck body liners, tipper body liners, or trailer floor liners, the lifespan of your equipment will increase by a manifold.

Versatility and Cost-Efficiency

OKUSLIDE® liners offer unmatched versatility. They can be seamlessly integrated into various applications, including tipper bodies, dump trucks, trailer floors, and truck beds. This adaptability presents cost-effective solutions, as these liners can be incorporated into new builds or retrofitted onto existing truck bodies that are due for renewal. The flexibility of OKUSLIDE® liners makes them a wise investment for businesses seeking long-term efficiency gains.


OKUSLIDE® liners, which are a result of OKULEN®’s decades-long polymer expertise, have emerged as a necessity in heavy-duty transportation and material handling. Their remarkable advantages, including enhanced efficiency, elevated safety, cross-contamination prevention, exceptional durability, and unmatched versatility, make them the premier choice for businesses aiming to optimise operations and reduce costs.

Whether you need a tipper body liner, dump truck liner, plastic bed liner, trailer bed liner, or truck bed liner, OKUSLIDE® liners provide a reliable and cost-effective solution. Elevate your transportation and material handling operations with OKUSLIDE® liners. Enhance your efficiency and safety today with OKUSLIDE® liners!