The legal battle involving Nan Inc, a construction company based in Hawaii, has been closely watched by industry insiders and those interested in business and legal matters. Patrick Shin, the founder of Nan Inc, who has recently prevailed in a high-profile lawsuit, is at the center of this legal saga. Here, know more about Nan Inc Lawsuit, and the case has drawn attention for its complex legal issues and the implications it may have for the construction industry in Hawaii.

The lawsuit against Nan Inc was brought by a former business partner who alleged a breach of contract and other legal violations. The case involved multiple legal claims, including fraud, misrepresentation, and wrongful termination allegations. The stakes were high, as the lawsuit’s outcome could have significant financial and reputational consequences for Nan Inc and its founder, Patrick Shin.

Lawsuit win

Patrick Shin maintained his innocence throughout the legal proceedings and vigorously defended himself and his company. He assembled a solid legal team to fight the allegations and presented a compelling defense in court. The case involved extensive legal arguments, testimonies, and evidence, and it garnered widespread attention in the local media and beyond.

After a lengthy legal battle, Patrick Shin and Nan Inc emerged victorious. The court ruled in their favor, dismissing the claims against them and clearing their names of wrongdoing. The outcome was a significant win for Patrick Shin and Nan Inc, which affirmed their commitment to integrity and following the law.

Get legal counsel

The outcome of the lawsuit also brought attention to the importance of thoroughly understanding legal contracts and business agreements. It served as a reminder to businesses and individuals alike to carefully review and understand the terms and conditions of any agreements and seek legal counsel when necessary to protect their interests.

Despite the legal victory, Patrick Shin remained humble and expressed gratitude for the support they received from their employees, clients, and the community throughout the lawsuit. They emphasized their commitment to continue building their business on a foundation of trust, transparency, and ethical practices.


The lawsuit involving Patrick Shin and Nan Inc was a challenging legal battle that tested their resolve and commitment to upholding the law. Through a rigorous legal defense, Patrick Shin prevailed, clearing their names of wrongdoing and reinforcing the importance of legal compliance in the construction industry. 

The lawsuit’s outcome serves as a reminder of the complexities and consequences of legal disputes and the importance of understanding legal contracts and seeking legal counsel when needed. Moving forward, Patrick Shin and Nan Inc remain committed to their business operations and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.