Businesses planning to start a text message marketing campaign must be aware of the standards regulating. While text messaging is practically available for almost everyone due to widespread phone ownership, that does not permit firms to send them without permission.

Maintaining text messaging compliance is the hallmark of responsible SMS marketing. When followed strictly, businesses can enjoy the benefits of their new marketing, from increased sales to improved customer loyalty.

From forgetting to express consent to lacking archived text messages, below are five (5) of the most common mistakes made by businesses when maintaining SMS compliance:

Not Asking for Consent

Customers generally prefer to receive messages on their terms, meaning they get to decide whether they want them in the first place. That said, some unfortunate businesses forget to ask for consent.

Before starting a text message marketing campaign, it is paramount to ask for the written consent of your target recipient. Not only is this greatly appreciated by your customers, but it also saves you from legal violations. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is strict against unsolicited messages sent by businesses to customers and might impose penalties as heavy as $500 fines per message.

Not Including Opt-Out Methods

Opting in and opting out are partner actions in text messaging campaigns that must never be overlooked. It is only right that a business gives customers a way to opt out of receiving marketing messages when they do not want them anymore.

You need to have a system in place to prevent messages from being sent to a customer once they opt out. These include using keywords like “STOP.” You must also put them in a block list to prevent messages from being sent accidentally in the future.

Sending Age-Restricted Products

Always keep the content of your text messages appropriate. Sending age-restricted products, such as alcohol, is often prohibited and may result in violations.

If your company sells age-restricted products, always inform the recipient beforehand and ensure they are within the right age bracket to receive them. For example, always confirm that your target recipient is aged 21 and above in the US before sending them marketing texts about alcohol.

Unclear Messages

Your text messages must be clear and straight to the point. Unclear instructions on how to opt in and out, lack of transparency on the content of the text and their frequency, and other information are considered violations under the TCPA.

Failing to Archive Messages

Lastly, make sure to archive every text message your company sends and receives daily. Besides ensuring you have a detailed and complete record of communications, this also keeps your business compliant with regulatory requirements set by organizations like FINRA and the SEC.

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