It is heartbreaking when someone close to all of us passes away. We remember the past moments that we have spent with them and all the stories that we have made with them. All the festivals, traditions we celebrate. The ups and downs of life. When we are in their proximity, we all tend to grow together. After their death, we need to perform the final rites on the body. Although there are many different religions and they have their customs of performing the final rites, but the reason for it remains the same. To let the soul get to the destination of God.

We are going to see the difference between the religious customs and the death ritual that is followed by different religions. Also, we will look for the funeral ground in different parts. Explore heartfelt arrangements for funeral services near you.

What are the customs of funerals in different religions?

We need to look at and understand different things to understand to properly get the meaning behind a particular ritual.  Every ritual is performed by following all the customs in a stepwise manner. It is believed that if the ritual is not done according to the order mentioned, then the dead person’s soul will not get peace.

In Hindu customs, the body is cremated on open grounds, which is known as the cremation site where the body is burnt under a pile of wood. In Christian tradition, they bury the body inside the coffin, in the graveyard or a cemetery. The body is made ready for the ceremony by giving it makeup as they believe in an afterlife. Hence is the reason that they do not burn the body. In Muslim tradition also, the body is buried but not I side the coffin. The ground is dug up, and the body is buried covered with a cloth.

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