Expanding your business may be facilitated by offering merchant processing services under your own brand name as an independent sales organisation (ISO). You may initially dismiss the idea due to a lack of resources or expertise required to establish a payment processing business. On the other hand, what you require is a reliable ISO partner who can effectively implement white label payment processing. For starting a credit card processing company it is essential.

The white label ISO certification programme utilises various methods

Your ISO partner will grant you access to an online application page that does not explicitly mention their name. This will allow you to offer payment processing services under your own brand. The “white label” solution already includes your company’s name, colours, and contact details. Consequently, your merchants will perceive the payment solutions as exclusively associated with your brand. Your merchant clients will no longer have any doubts about who they should prioritise as their primary point of contact and source of services. The merchant will only see your brand’s name and logo on your website, merchant portal, and other promotional materials.

Payments made to ISO partners

Your payments ISO partner will act as a silent partner by providing you with technology, payments capabilities, and services. By being in a stronger position, you will have the ability to maintain control and enhance the quality of all customer interactions. This, in turn, will greatly improve the reputation and standing of your brand. When you use our white label payment system, you can focus on growing your business without the need to address any preconceived notions that potential customers may have about the company you are partnering with. This is because you are providing a unique offering to your clients that sets you apart from others. You don’t have to settle for the customer service standards set by a rival company.

What Are the White Label Payment Services

White-labeled payment services refer to payment solutions that are provided by a third-party company but can be customised and branded by another company as their own. Promote your company’s name by featuring it on merchants’ receipts and mobile applications, effectively increasing brand exposure and fostering customer loyalty.

Information Regarding the White Label Affiliate Programme

To elevate your business, the initial step is to become a white label payment processor. If you possess a strong sales background and extensive expertise in payment processing, or if you are an ambitious and motivated professional seeking a new challenge, you could be a suitable candidate for the SMG ISO agent programme. Our white label merchant services plan offers a commision structure that is highly competitive with other programmes in the industry. This ensures that you will receive a fair wage for your efforts. Knowing  how to be a credit card processor is a part of the process here.


If you have experience in sales or are interested in the payments industry, the ISO agent course offered by SMG is perfect for you. There are numerous benefits to becoming a white label payment processor with Shaw Merchant Group. However, you don’t have to solely rely on our word for it. We received a variety of responses from our white label partners when we asked them about their reasons for joining and continuing to work with our highly profitable programme. Here are some of the most common ones.