blender bitcoin is a bitcoin mixing service that ensures privacy by mixing your bitcoins using the “Bitcoin blender 2.0” algorithm. Unlike other similar services that mix your coins with other users’ coins, this platform mixes your cryptocurrencies with cryptocurrencies purchased directly on cryptocurrency exchanges. Blender Bitcoin uses an innovative algorithmic scoring system to count your bitcoins. It is superior to newly acquired coins and blockchain techniques such as volume analysis, cluster analysis and distribution analysis.D. This means that your BTC will be randomly split and even returned to different addresses if necessary. Thus, your privacy is protected because there is no communication with you. It may take up to six hours to respond to your request. Another privacy feature of this mixer service is that it does not require logging and no records are kept. All transactions are digitally signed with a guarantee and can be viewed on the website at any time. They also offer round-the-clock technical support. There is a transaction fee of 5% and a network fee of 0.00015 BTC. The platform offers two versions: one for Clearnet and one for the Tor browser.

How do bitcoin blenders ensure the confidentiality of your transactions?

Another reliable blender is blender bitcoin, which supports two cryptocurrencies, and Ethereum will appear soon. The mixing process is similar to the mixing process in other glasses. The delay option can be set for up to 72 hours, and the sender has the option to split the transaction so that funds are sent to multiple addresses. Thus, the sender’s funds are more secure and cannot be tracked.

The link between bitcoin blenders and cryptocurrency exchange platforms

Bitcoin Blender supports Bitcoin cryptocurrency without registration. A minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC is required, and the transaction fee ranges from 0.5 to 3%. It supports up to 10 multiple addresses and requires confirmation. Registration is not required and a referral program is offered. A guarantee is provided.

How it works: Unlike other blenders, this site cleans coins using bitcoins purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges. blender bitcoin io uses a scoring system that uses innovative algorithms and technologies such as blockchain volume analysis, cluster analysis and pollution analysis. He uses them to check the purchased D coins. Then your BTC is randomly split and sent to different addresses and back as needed. The whole process takes about six hours. The mixer does not require registration and does not record any logs. A guarantee email is sent after each shuffle, and the information is deleted after 24 hours, which guarantees complete anonymity. The company also offers round-the-clock technical support 7 days a week. Bitcoin Blender charges a fixed commission of 5% of the transaction and a network commission of 0.00015 BTC. The software is available in two versions: one for regular browsers and one for Tor.

Bitcoin blender is a bitcoin blender that processes bitcoin transactions and bitcoin cash. It offers an introductory program for new users and supports multiple recipient addresses. The transaction fee starts at 0.5% and amounts to 0.0001 BTC for each additional address.